Global Warning

Canada is fast becoming the leading global example of what can happen when climate politics meet the traditional energy industry. It has the third largest known reserves of oil and gas on the planet and could provide affordable, reliable energy to many parts of the world, but it's not. It's not even producing enough for its people. It is a country living a potentially tragic story of climate politics with important messages for people everywhere who are ready to see a new way forward.

Directed by Mathew Embry
Produced by Peter Beyak

Featuring: Catherine Abreu, Ian Clark, Patrick Moore, Gwyn Morgan, Stephen O'Neill, Ray Owl, John Perkins, Danielle Smith, Fritz Vahrenholt, Robert Watson, and others

When climate change politics have a devastating social and economic impact on his hometown, internationally acclaimed filmmaker Mathew Embry goes searching for answers and discovers a divided nation living a cautionary tale of climate politics for the whole world.