In Loving Memory of Peter Beyak

August 1961 - September 2022

Peter S. Beyak was born in the Canadian city of Calgary. He earned his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary in 1983 and his Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University of Alberta in 1985. Mr. Beyak also holds a Canadian Securities Certificate and has worked in corporate finance. He was a member of the Canadian Bar Association's Business Law Section. His passion was educating people and exposing lies and manipulation in global banking, global warning, and other areas.

Mr. Beyak was interested in corporate and commercial law, with a focus on commercial financing and development. Pete became immersed in the global entertainment industry after earning multiple academic degrees. Pete was the Executive Producer of "Extreme," a large format film (IMAX type) that became one of Canada's highest grossing films. He was very interested in projects that explored and challenged the truth through media manipulation but ultimately exposed the truth on multiple government and climate topics.