Revoking Keystone XL Pipeline Causes Vast Unemployment For Americans

Revoking Keystone XL Pipeline Causes Vast Unemployment For Americans

Upon his first day in office, Joe Biden signed an order repealing the Keystone XL pipeline on account of its harmfulness to the environment. The initial execution of the pipeline was ordered by former president Donald Trump. Biden’s decision caused anger for several Americans as this decision would cost a multitude of jobs.

Environmental Impact 

In 2011, TC Energy, a vital North American energy company established in Alberta, Canada allotted contracts to six major American unions for the Keystone XL pipeline throughout three states, hiring 7,000 union members. Based on the pipeline’s international reputation, it has evolved into a symbol for political debate over fossil fuels. The Keystone XL pipeline would carry a thick, crude oil mixture from Alberta, Canada to Steele City, Nebraska, where it would merge with Gulf Coast refineries. The 875-mile pipeline was suspended effective immediately following Biden’s executive order after its completion through Montana, near the Canadian border.

The Impact of Biden’s Order 

In 2014, an 11-volume State Department announced that the Keystone XL pipeline did not have a heavy impact on carbon pollution. While the Democratic Party is under the impression that this decision threatens Alberta’s rivers and forests, the project has proven minimal negative effect. Despite Keystone’s successful employment rate in establishing more than $1.6 billion in gross wages, Biden’s nullification of the Keystone XL pipeline resulted in 11,000 middle class Americans out of work, costing roughly $2 billion in wages.


The Keystone XL pipeline supplies dependable resources of crude oil from Canada, our long-trusted partner. Without the government’s support behind this critical pipeline, North Americans face high rates of unemployment, causing systemic harm to Americans, and will ultimately result in dangerous exportations of tar sands oil.

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Written By: Korina Cardenas, The GCMG Agency, Social Media Coordinator 

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