Reasons why Biden Should Ask Canada for More Oil

Reasons why Biden Should Ask Canada for More Oil

To improve the energy security of North America, the U.S. and Canada should collaborate on the construction of additional pipelines. President Joe Biden has been visiting Saudi Arabia and other nations to ask for assistance in boosting the American oil output; however, they continue to decline.

 Here’s why Biden should request oil from Canada instead: Canadian oil producers have previously contributed to releasing American consumers from the control of oil dictators and can do so once more, while simultaneously assisting in the fight against climate change on a global scale. Canada could potentially contribute more barrels by working with its largest customer, the United States.

5 Reasons Why Policymakers in the U.S. and Canada Should Work Together

  1. The U.S. needs a long-term, reliable oil supply
    1. Daily U.S. crude oil imports will increase by about one million barrels. Most of the oil that the United States imports comes from Canada; however, recent government moves, like Biden’s denial of the Keystone XL pipeline, may change that. The imports also couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights the dangers of obtaining energy from opposing parties.
  1. More oil from Canada means a stronger U.S. economy
    1. According to the American Petroleum Institute, “oil supply from Canada isn’t just reliable. It also has economic benefits on both sides of the border, supporting jobs and helping lower consumer energy costs.” Access to Canadian heavy oil boosts the industrial sector’s profitability, which ultimately boosts the economy’s worth.
  1. Oil sands lead the world in environmental and social protection
    1. The oil sands sector in Canada provides a consistent, economical, and reliable supply to the United States that safeguards both people and the environment. Canada’s oil sands producers are among the world’s top performers in terms of governance, social impact, and the environment (ESG). ESG contains metrics for greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, engagement by Indigenous peoples, diversity and inclusion, safety, and government regulation.
  1. Oil sands doing more to reduce emissions than other major oil producers
    1. Canada’s oil sands sector is dedicated to assisting in the fight against climate change. Nearly all oil sands producers have vowed collectively to cut overall emissions and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
  1. Oil sands has transformed the U.S. energy economy before
    1. S. imports of Canadian oil has been a godsend for energy security. “It has doubled between 2005 and 2019,” according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and has drastically changed our energy economy while allowing us to phase out OPEC imports.

As the U.S. looks for more oil imports long-term, Canada is still the solution.



Ariana Richard
By: Ariana Richard, Director of Public Relations, The GCMG Agency
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