Global Warning Set to Premiere Online for Free

Climate Documentary to be Shown on Home Website and YouTube


LOS ANGELES, CALIF., (December 21, 2022) – From the legendary filmmaker, Mathew Embry, and producer, Peter Beyak, comes the film, Global Warning. The documentary is now available to watch for free on YouTube and the film’s home website. Embry sets out to make a documentary on global warming that was fair with people on both sides of the contentious issue.  

The argument about climate change has been ongoing for years. Some scientists say the research is obvious that climate change is underway, and that mankind is responsible. Other scientists disagree. The documentary provides both sides of the argument and wraps up with a debate between University of Ottawa climate scientist Dr. Ian Clarke and Catherine Abreu, the executive director of the Climate Action Network, which represents more than 100 different activist groups.

“We are extremely excited to present the documentary for free for all viewers on our website and YouTube,” said Embry. “Canadians need to wake up and realize what is going on in the rest of the world and adapt. We have the potential to lead the world, not be ruled by it.”

The documentary includes exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at climate change conferences and discussions about how implementing environmental policies can sometimes detriment existing companies, including a significant job loss. Global Warning was also nominated for six Alberta Film and Television Awards, including Best Documentary.


About Global Warning

Global Warning offers a much-needed balanced approach to the climate change debate. The film is set in the home of Canada’s energy industry where the debate is having more impact than perhaps anywhere in the world. Audiences are swept into private meetings at a UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, behind the scenes before a pivotal US Congress hearing in Washington D.C., then to Canada’s vast oil sands and First Nations into the offices of some of the top experts to explore the issues. In-depth interviews, compelling characters and little-known science, Global Warning will connect with those ready for a new journey into the climate debate that may challenge their own perspectives on this highly polarizing topic.



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