Peter Beyak, Producer

Global Warning is a documentary I started imagining over 10 years ago.  I was living in Vancouver, Canada at the time.  Media coverage about climate change, environmental activism and the Canadian oil & gas industry was growing and becoming controversial.  It was obvious to me that only one side of the issue was being told, the side that blindly supported environmental activism and villified oil gas.  Mainstream media coverage was so one-sided that I wondered if there was an "agenda" happening that had little to do with the facts and science around the issues that were being presented.

I had grown up and started my professional career as a lawyer in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary's economy is driven mainly by “oil and gas” and the city was being greatly effected by increasingly vocal environmental activists and related governmental policy making. 

So, I packed up my apartment, put my things in storage and went home to see if there was a story worth telling.  

There was. A big story. A story that went well beyond my hometown. 

So I teamed up with director Mathew Embry and we got to work. 

I hope you enjoy the show.







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