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Mathew Embry, MFA is an internationally recognized documentary filmmaker.  His recent directing credits before GLOBAL WARNING include Living Proof, an official TIFF selection and Painkiller: Inside the Opioid Crisis which has over 1 million views worldwide on YouTube.  

Mathew's work has won multiple awards in Canada and the United States. 

He has also produced, written and directed non-fiction programs for CBC, HBO Canada, CTV, PBS, YES TV, Animal Planet, Telefilm, TELUS, SHAW, OLN, Amazon Prime and Al Jazeera.



The role human activity plays in climate change has become one of the most polarizing and politicalized debates in the world today and, like with most things where big money is involved, the truth has become the first casualty. 

Today there is no question many of the apocalyptic forecasts like those presented by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth have not materialized and will not happen.  Yet, trillions of dollars have been and continue to be spent (and made) on these unproven ideas while people who rely on traditional energy industries are losing their livelihoods, and an entire generation of youth are being told to prepare for the end.  

Most industrial revolutions are initiated by a brilliant new technology so beneficial that the world simply changes direction and adopts the better way forward almost seamlessly.  The discovery of fossil fuels was one of these world-shifting moments. It changed the lives of billions of people around the world for the better by availing them to a new, powerful, affordable and reliable energy source.  This is not what is happening today.  Politicians initiated and became the drivers of policies designed to wane the world off of fossil fuels. They started this agenda well before any technological advancement that could meet the world's need for cheap, reliable energy was available. And, they blamed humans for all the problems.

The future likely isn’t as bleak as the politicans and doomsayers make it out to be and while mainstream media constantly reminds us we are approaching an apocolyptic future, there are good reasons to be optimistic.   The main one being that we likely already have the technologies and know how to build a secure and sustainable global energy future by using the best parts of what has already been developed from all energy sources.

Humans aren’t the enemy, they are actually the solution. And, we've likely already created the energy solutions we need so the doomsday predictions and misguided spending of public money by politicians can stop. They won't like this. Perhaps that’s the real problem. 

GLOBAL WARNING features perspectives from many top people involved in the debate including:  Catherine Abreu, Ian Clark, Patrick Moore, Gwyn Morgan, Stephen O'Neill, Ray Owl, John Perkins, Danielle Smith, Fritz Vahrenholt, Robert Watson and others





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